From integrating with ecommerce platforms to getting insight order data, discover the 5 benefits of third party logistics companies and order fulfillment services!


Once you grow your online business and store to a certain size, it may be time to consider outsourcing your fulfillment. You can stop shipping packages to your customers and turn over your products and inventory to a 3PL professional and let them handle the shipment part properly.

From integrating with ecommerce platforms to getting insight data, let’s see the 5 benefits of third party logistics companies and order fulfillment services:

  • Skip renting a warehouse: You will be able to avoid the complexity of finding and renting your own warehouse space. When skipping the warehouse part, you will also be able to save time, cost, and liability that comes from being busy in the warehouse. Turning your logistics over to a professional company is going to remove the issues of finding space for your inventory.
  • Keeping the workforce lean and satisfied: Managing taxes, payroll, benefits, and etc. for your employees can be exhausting. Turning to a 3PL company can ease your work involved with managing your workforce. These companies have everything you need to take over your logistics worries.
  • Get insights into your orders: You will have a better look at your orders. There are third party logistics companies that offer real-time metrics on order trends, inventory levels, sales, and etc. This type of information adds value to working with a 3PL provider. Hiring a 3PL company is not just about avoiding the extra work of packing orders, storing inventory, and shipping to customers. It is also about allowing the professionals to do what they do best.
  • Integrate with popular ecommerce platforms: We assume you are using popular ecommerce website builder like Shopify or BigCommerce. The 3PL service providers integrate with such platforms and you don’t have to worry about finding a developer to connect everything.
  • Helps you scale and keep up with demand: As your business grows, your online store becomes difficult to manage to reach a point where a lot of orders from customers need to be managed on time. When a company manages your logistics, your inventory is stored in their warehouses and you’ll have one less problem to think about. The orders will be delivered on time and you can scale up knowing your customers are happy and satisfied.

Find a professional 3PL company that can help you with ecommerce order fulfillment and allows you to focus on working on your core business!